eOn Mist paves way for personal virus protection

eOn Mist disinfectant spray

When the world enters a crisis, such as a global pandemic, businesses need to pivot, whether that means taking your business online or introducing a new product to benefit the consumer. And that’s just what the founders of eOn Mist did. When the founders of eOn Mist noticed that disinfectants were quickly going out of stock, and the EPA made exceptions to allow companies to create disinfectant products by releasing the regulatory framework for sanitizers, they jumped at the opportunity. Their team, with the help of 43 Designs’ sales partners AnnMarie Strand and Luke Shenefield, were able to bring eOn Mist, a multi-surface disinfectant spray, to market in just 60 days. Now, eOn Mist is driving a new category in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry called personal virus protection. Read on to learn more about eOn Mist and how they were able to score a deal with Giant Eagle in just a few weeks of being on RangeMe. 

Products made to fight off viruses 

eOn Mist created two sanitizing products: eOn Continuous Spray Surface Sanitizing Mist and eOn Continuous Spray Hand Sanitizers. Their disinfectant spray stands out from the competition because of the use of an active ingredient that is commonly used in the medical field, hypochlorous acid. This ingredient is used as a disinfectant in medical rooms, ambulances, hospitals, labs, and beyond,  but in order for this ingredient to be effective, it needs to be activated by electricity. For the first time, eOn Mist was able to create the form factor that allowed the electrolyzed hypochlorous acid to come to the consumer market in a 2 oz personal size continuous spray can. This high-grade, all-purpose, non-toxic spray is not only safe but it also cleans in a way other products cannot. It’s also EPA approved to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on contact. As for the hand sanitizer, it is made with 80% ethyl alcohol and is FDA approved to kill viruses on the hands without soap and water. 

Bringing a product to market in under 60 days is almost unprecedented, but eOn Mist was able to accomplish this by working closely with their supply chain partners and scientists. So how did they get a deal with Giant Eagle so quickly? That’s thanks to their sales and marketing team’s efforts. 

Personal virus protection, sold online here >

The products eOn Mist created are unique. Yes, they have a similar purpose to other cleaning and hand sanitizing products on the market, but the reason eOn Mist was created was different. It doesn’t quite fit in the household category, and it’s not quite personal care–it’s virus protection and that hasn’t been adopted by retailers across the nation yet. 

The country is living in a pandemic, and no one knows when things will go back to normal or if they ever will. And even when things do “go back to normal,” retailers are going to have to consider new ways to be stocked and prepared if (or when) another virus outbreak happens. eOn Mist is helping define the personal virus protection category in retail by offering a product that is safe, effective, and portable. Products like eOn Mist disinfectant sprays will become a common staple consumers carry in their purse or keep in their car. original article.